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The ergonomic computer mouse consists of a finger grip structure and a USB port
You can hold the mouse as you hold writing instruments.
This mouse has USB port on it.

In possession of proprietary technology and intellectual property right
Patent 20-0455683 PCT.KR2011/008435

* toritech Mouse TR-2001

This product was made in a way so that people can use by adopting a posture similar to holding a writing instrument by arranging the positions of their thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers in a comfortable manner.
With this product, people can maintain a comfortable working posture without straining their shoulders because it corrects the working posture and prevents people’s wrists from becoming strained.
This product was ergonomically designed and manufactured not to put too much pressure on the wrists and the musculoskeletal system even with prolonged use.

As this product can be operated in a similar posture to holding writing instruments,, it can maximize productivity by helping users easily conduct minor movements and be highly accurate.

This product is compatible with the macintosh environment and a USB port has been attached to the upper part of the mouse so that people can easily use the USB memory storage device, improving convenience.

※ VDT (Visual Display Terminal) Syndrome
The VDT syndrome causes musculoskeletal problems, altered vision and electronic wave-related health problems as a result of using the computer for a long time or engaging in repetitive work.
  • Ergonomic design allows for easy and convenient precision work.
  • This product is structured in a way that people can use it with a similar posture to holding a writing instrument by using their thumb and index and middle fingers in a comfortable manner.

    The wheel switch is located on the thumb part, button switches on the index finger part and the middle finger is placed on the mouse body.

    The mouse body has a 70~80◦ inclination, which allows for a posture similar to holding a writing instrument. With a flat bottom, it contributes to improving working efficiency by creating a sense of stability and helping people precisely operate and use the mouse.

  • Convenient USB memory card
  • With a USB port which can be equipped with USB memory on the body with the bottom, people can conveniently use the USB mobile storage device.
  • Compatibility
  • Is compatible with macintosh and all Window environments.
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