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The ergonomic computer mouse consists of a finger grip structure and a USB port
* Directions for use
1. Make a hand posture just like using a writing instrument.
2. Widen the thumb and index finger in a posture similar to holding a writing instrument.
3. Place on the mouse body.
4. Use the thumb for the left wheel switch.
5. Use the index finger for two button switches on the right side.
6. Place the middle finger on the back of the mouse body.
* Glossary
  • Responding :
    This is a mouse designed to detect movements with light using optical sensors, DSP technology and super-precise lenses.
  • Compatible port : USB
    The USB is one of the input and output standards used for connecting computers and peripheral devices.
    If people connect the USB, they can conveniently use the product because the computer has a plug-and-play function to immediately detect connection of peripheral devices or a hot-switching function to connect and separate the device even while the power is on.
  • Wheel :
    By rolling the USB backwards and forwards instead of the scroll bar, people can move long documents or images to different pages in up and down directions.
  • Resolution :
    This shows the precision level of a mouse. Higher DPI figures allow for more precise working.
    As the resolution becomes higher, people can effect larger movement of the mouse cursor by slightly moving it. Higher DPI creates more detailed and accurate movements. For example, with the800DPI, people can create more detailed expressions because they can make points two times as much as the 400DPI.
  • Additional function :
    Grip structure and ergonomic design (patent)
    This product was made in a way that people use it with a posture that is similar to holding a writing instrument, so it prevents people’s wrists from becoming strained. With this product, people can maintain a comfortable working posture without straining their shoulders even with prolonged use.
  • Additional function :
    USB port (patent)
    The mouse body is equipped with a USB port so that people can easily use the USB memory storage device, improving convenience.
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